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About Scuba Sam's Hydrotherapy

Based in Wylie, Texas and born in the UK, Scuba Sam’s Canine Hydrotherapy is a family-owned business that provides a unique service for your beloved furry friends. Perfect for fitness, fun and rehabilitation (post or pre surgery), your four-legged pals will swim assisted with us in our indoor heated 20ft x 11ft pool or walk with us in our underwater treadmill – never taking their feet off the ground but made easier by using the benefits of warm water. Our canine jacuzzi spa handmade in the UK is a perfect end to each session as it removes toxins from the muscles, helps with inflammation and aids with pain relief! We also offer several other services in-house including laser therapy, massage therapy, animal chiropractor services, and more! Learn more by contacting one of our experts today!

Our Services


Hydrotherapy is perfect for general exercise, weight loss and conditioning for agility dogs both pre-and-post operations or injury.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most effective animal rehabilitation modalities for treating pain and promoting healing in pets.

Rehab Modalities

Animal massage and acupuncture therapy increase circulation, which leads to improved oxygenation. We’re currently on the lookout for experienced rehab specialists! 

Canine Chiropractor

There many benefits of an adjustment for dogs. We have a Canine Chiropractor in-house every other Wednesday

We are also on the lookout for like minded individuals who offer other forms of therapy for dogs so that we can provide holistic therapy under one roof!

*Sessions are by appointment only with a signed veterinary referral form

Please contact us at 469-347-3748 to find out more about our services.

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