The Bills Pile Up- And Some Angels Step In!

So by now I’ve had Maverick for a couple of weeks and the bills were starting to pile up. I was more than a little bit anxious about how I was going to finance this latest adventure as Kenny, my last “project” had cost four arms and ten legs. We were doing several hours of

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And on the 70th Day, He Walked…Backwards!

At this point Maverick had been with us for almost three months. We had thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him. We had given him many, many hours of PT. We’d had every expert we knew of weigh in on how to help him. We had stretched and stretched and stretched his twisted limbs

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A Human Would Take That Deal – Doing the work to get the results

The weeks after Maverick’s first steps were absolutely exhausting. As if we weren’t tired enough already! Maverick REALLY wanted to get up and greet people, get up and meet dogs and “help” with their therapy, especially when therapy meant lamb-flavored treats being handed out for jobs well done. He figured he’d done a darn good

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